This page is a "work in progress" and is being updated with information and new features often!

Huston Associates Real Estate has set up for our residents access to an online portal which gives you quick access to your accounting & rental information, along with placing work orders. 
To access the portal, click the following link:  Resident Portal
When asked for your username, enter your email address we have on file for you.
If you have any questions, or need to reset your password, please contact us directly.

Forms Library:
Resident Direct Debit Authorization (2).pdf

Emergency & Non-Emergency
Maintenance Request Procedures and Guidelines

Huston Assoc. Real Estate wants to ensure that all maintenance items are dealt with as quickly as possible. It is our policy to respond to maintenance concerns in the order they are brought to our attention, with priority status given to emergencies. In order to allow us to better serve your needs, we have created a set of guidelines that we ask you follow when reporting maintenance concerns.

What is a maintenance emergency?: In general, a maintenance emergency is any maintenance item that causes an immediate or substantial threat of harm to person or property. For the city of Stockton, anyone who observes flooding, downed trees or malfunctioning lights on city streets is encouraged to call the 24-hour Emergency Services Center at (209) 937-8341.

Maintenance emergencies should be reported immediately by contacting our office at 209-464-9441 during our office hours of Monday-Friday from 10am-1pm; 2-6pm.  When the office is closed, please call (209) 992-1301. 

As it is not always easy to determine if a maintenance item reaches the level of an emergency, we have created the following guidelines to assist you. Of course the list below is not exhaustive and we ask that you use your best judgment when contacting us about a maintenance issue.

Clogged Toilet: This is an emergency only when the clogged toilet is the only toilet in the home and you have made every effort to clear the stoppage. The City of Stockton Sewer Department needs to check their side of the sewer line and you must call them first at 209-937-8341.  If the issue is still not resolved, submit your maintenance request, turn off the water valve behind the toilet to prevent further overflow or flooding.

Broken Pipe: This will always be considered a maintenance emergency. Turn off the water valve that is associated with the broken pipe or the exterior water main until our maintenance professional arrives. Do everything within your reasonable power to contain the leak to prevent flood damage.

No Hot Water: Contact PG&E at 1-800-743-5000 to perform a safety check on your hot water tank first.  Lack of hot water constitutes an emergency only if there has been no hot water for a period greater than 12 hours.  If there is work to be done with the hot water tank, please call our office and report the condition. 

No Heat: If the temperature outside is less than, or is predicted to be less than, 50 degrees, please treat “no heat” as an emergency. Otherwise, “no heat” calls will be dealt with during normal business hours. Before reporting this as an emergency, please check all fuses and circuit breakers.

No Air Conditioning(if applicable): If the temperature outside is greater than, or is predicted to be greater than, 85 degrees, please treat this as an emergency. Otherwise, “no air conditioning” calls will be dealt with during normal business hours.

Gas Odor: The smell of gas should always be treated as an emergency. If you suspect a gas leak, turn off any gas sources and objects (appliances or mechanicals). The shut-off handle can be found on the supply line, which is generally located behind the appliance. Please make sure to contact your PG&E immediately at 1-800-743-5000 and submit the concern to us thereafter.

Broken Doorknob, Lock or Window: Your safety is our highest priority. If a broken doorknob, lock or window prevents you from securing your property, please treat such a situation as an emergency. If a temporary measure can be taken until normal business hours, please take such measures and contact us during business hours.

Lock-Outs: Huston Assoc. Real Estate and the Owner is not responsible for furnishing keys to residents who have locked themselves out of their home. This will not be considered an emergency. It is the resident’s responsibility and obligation to call a locksmith to open or replace the locks and to ensure that we are given a copy of the new key.

No Electricity: In the event that power is lost in the entire home, you should take the following actions:

  1. Check with your local provider to confirm that there is not an area-wide disruption
  2. Evaluate the circuit breaker and fuses, and reset
  3. Contact us immediately if neither of the above fixes the problem

Partial electrical outages do not constitute an emergency, and will be addressed in a timely manner during normal business hours.

If an outlet begins to smoke or it smells like something is burning, turn off the circuit breaker and contact us immediately. Leave the circuit breaker off until our maintenance professional arrives.

Miscellaneous Items: In general, the following items do not constitute a maintenance emergency:

  • Appliances not working
  • Clogged garbage disposal
  • Roof leaks (steps should be taken to minimize damage and loss)


Residents are responsible for any repairs found to have been caused by a resident’s misuse or neglect. Residents will also be held responsible for any service call appointment for which the resident fails to show.

Please note that residents are responsible for personal items. It is your responsibility to remove items from problem areas or areas around which a technician will be working. Huston Assoc. Real Estate and the Owner, along with our maintenance professionals will not be held responsible for items damaged as a result of a maintenance issue or in the repair thereof.

Although your request may constitute an emergency, Huston Assoc. Real Estate reserves the right to postpone or reschedule repairs due to acts of God, forces of nature, emergency closures for safety or any other acts beyond our control.


To report a maintenance issue, notify us by using the resident portal above & placing a work order.

Your work order must have all your contact information including address and the best number to reach you at so that it can be forwarded to our vendor.  If you have an immediate emergency, call my cellphone at (209) 992-1301 and leave a message with the nature of the emergency.  Thank you!