Policies & Procedures, Application Guidelines

Please review all of our policies and guidelines prior to submitting an application. Thank you.

Showing Property & Application Submission

To view the interior of our vacant properties, we use a lockbox system on most of our properties which allows you to view the interior of the property by scanning the QR code on the signage and registering with your smart phone from 7am to 9pm any day of the week.  There is a nominal charge of $0.99 for this service. If it doesn't have a lockbox, call and schedule an appointment to meet us at our office.

After viewing the interior, submit your completed application(s) with all the documentation required and the processing fees to our either on our website or at our office during our business hours.  Currently the processing time is 3-4 working days for results to be reviewed and completed.

If a property is marked "Application Pending," please call us for additional information (or see below). 

We normally show properties from 2:30pm to 6pm Monday-Friday when the property is not on a lockbox. Your Government-issued ID is required, and will be copied at our office prior to driving to the property. The copy of your ID will be shredded upon the agent's return to the office.

To view the interior of our properties which are still occupied, complete and submit the application(s) required, and then we'll set up an appointment for you to view the property.

Applications are available at the front door of our office located at 3138 Pacific Ave, Stockton. Please take an application for each adult that will be in residence.

APPLY ONLINE @  https://hustonassocre.ready2apply.com/

C.A.R. Application 2015.pdf <= APPLICATION HERE!

When a pet is allowed, you are required to complete => Pet Application.pdf

Please call our office for instructions in submitting an application if you are a significant distance from our office (for example: 50-4000 miles away from San Joaquin County).


Application must be legible, signed and complete for processing. Using your credit card, an application is also available on our website.  A non-refundable charge of $30.00 (payable in cashier’s check or money order) is required for each application. Each adult (18 years or older) is required to submit their own application. When submitting, include/attach the following original documents for each adult with your application:

· Government issued Photo ID or Passport

· Verification of Social Security number, or Individual Tax ID number.

· Written verification of income from source of monies received & reported.

· Current utility billing: Cellular, Gas/Electric, Phone, or Water/sewer bill.

Policies & Guidelines used in processing application(s):

Our decision is based on several factors: stability & history of income, your credit report, public records, your ability to make payments on time & abiding by contract terms and conditions. Rental history or ownership is also investigated & considered, along with verifying your sources of income. Combined gross monthly income for applicant(s) must be at least 2 ½ times the monthly rent or more.

Applicant(s) with an unlawful detainer action will not be accepted. Credit reports that-for example-show a history of gas/electric/water account collections, judgments and/or liens with no positive trade lines will result in denial of the application. Foreclosure actions are generally disregarded, along with medical collection accounts. A qualified guarantor will be considered if there is no credit, rental history, bankruptcy, or insufficient income for applicant(s). Guarantor is required to submit an application.  If two or more separate applicant(s) are being considered, the most qualified applicant(s) based upon our criteria will be selected.

Our office will continue to show a property while application(s) are being processed.  Application(s) are processed as submitted until we have collected a deposit from an approved applicant(s). If approved, the security deposit must be paid within 24 hours; otherwise the property will be put back on the market. Rent is due on the first of each month.  You’ll be required to sign a written contract, along with taking possession within two weeks or sooner—unless other arrangements are made in advance.


Disclosures, Addendum's, Rental Agreement

When the security deposit is collected, we will arrange a time for you to complete the paperwork necessary for you to lease the property. A move-in date will be required, along with other basic information to complete the paperwork. You will be provided with copies of all documents signed. If you fail to take possession after the security deposit is collected, you will be charged the daily rent amount while the property was off the market.

You'll want to make arrangements for your utility services, phone service, and change your address with the post office. Along with the above, each time you change residence--Register to VOTE!

After you have moved into the property, our office will send you a welcome letter and further information.

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